If God smiles…!

In the world of humanity

Where God desperately gathers the happinesses

Excluding all the sorrows!

The birds dream of a system with justice

Not only in words but in practical!

Beseeching to the nearest to God, we eye you Hayat

If thou finds God in the heaven

Please convince Him to have BALOCHISTAN visited.

When you smile, we hope, so does God

Having His angels all together to welcoming you in paradise

May lasting to be “BALOCHISTAN”, the heavenly paradise for the departed Soul

Or be wondering on the beautiful mountains

Amidst the flying birds all around praying to skip getting hunted

Or be liked alike seeking ownership to their sky to fly openly

And sparkling the read-blood

Hope in the discussion with God

He is told everything about the downtrodden Baloch

Likely about you and thousand others

Hope He pitches justice

Thence, everyone gets equality

And the innocent birds rejoice, if God smiles!

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