Nobody denies the developmental and societal growth of humans. Weather it is technology, education or personality growth, man has succeeded in every race. Humans have converted into humane by the help of education. Undoubtedly, man has mastered ethical standards for living life and for all ages, but it has also witnessed destruction from its own developments and advancements.

One such advantageous tool to man is access to internet.

Internet is such a platform in which you get connected to billions of people and avail uncountable services. No matter what status you hold, where you live or what your age is, this opportunity provides you everything you need.

But unfortunately, this service is being misused. This is also true that everything has negative effects too. But to me this amazing and blessed service shall not be misused, as it gives us so much_ be it any sphere of life.

Sadly, today everyone is using internet for wrong purposes which has become very deleterious for youths. Because it affects the youths in multiple ways, like time gets wasted, eyesight problem arises and mostly brain damages occur to long time screenings.

As it has been validated by scientists that long time screening not only affects the eyes but it also rises the chances of cancer, as laptops, computers or any relevant electronic device carry hazardous rays while connected to Internet.

Apart from this, many people have witnessed worst sufferings due to misusage of internet. And mostly victims of such sufferings are found to be girls where boys tease them_ like they mentally torture them and even harass them. Resultantly, girls avoid internet access and hence they become deprived of this facility by all means.

Albeit, government has introduced cyber security and punishments for such crimes, but not every girl has approach to cyber security. However, this is really hurtful that having such a wonderful facility, we still are far from it for reasons unworthy.

Who to blame? Who to ask for safety? Nobody has the answers. But one thing that everyone holds is bad intentions for others. And foremost, people use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for character assassinations and false statements. Injustice is done with the victims who are unaware of their crimes and the culprits enjoy heading forward. This is how we are influenced by negative usage of internet facility.

To conclude, people_ especially we youths_ should not misuse this beautiful service. This is the fruit of the struggle and hard work of our human race. We should not vanish it. And lastly, government should establish sub branches of cyber security where every victim must have access to register their complain.

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