Not everyone in the life has the same situations. You never know what the next person is suffering inside: you do not know how their lives are and what are going through. Sometimes we may notice their swinging moods but we do not even try to understand them wholly.

Everyone has their own life to encounter, personal decisions and privacy. It is a reason we sometimes let the other people be in their own world. And I do agree that we have to respect everyone’s privacy, but making distances is not the solution for the best life.

Everyday we meet with different people, but do you ever notice what they have inside them? Factually, the modern technology has changed the complete world including our lifestyle, made everything easy for us. Besides this, the same technology has made us far from each other. Such as, it connected the world in the cell phones and laptops but disconnected them in person.

We have much time to use our smartphones and do not have enough time to ask our friends, siblings or co-workers if they need something. We never bother to ask them if they are fine or if everything is okay with them. Do you ever ask? There still maybe some who do ask for others, but we always go with majority who, I am sure, do not ask.

This year has already brought a lot of disturbances with covid-19 and the lockdown system. The given situations increase the mental health problems to a greater extent. We can see a number of people suffering from depression and anxiety types of disorders during the lockdown. As a result, World Health Organization (WHO) is working hard to save people from such problems.

Actually, depression is the leading mental illness with a massive number of people as its victims. According to a report of WHO, globally more than 264 million people suffer from depression.

Depression is the worst among all the other mental illnesses. It is like a practice which slowly slowly but badly kills you from inside. Only the person who suffered from depression knows how bad the life is with depression. it is not a kind of other illnesses which you can easily recognize and get timely treatment, but sometimes you never understand what is going on with you.

It is like, everything gets so boring in life. The people with whom you spent the better time of your life become so irritating. Your mood swings every next minute. You cannot be happy. You cannot be sad. You do not feel ok. Nothing helps you to go back or forward to make distance form depression. It is even harder sometimes.

In fact, there are many causes of depression. However, you cannot easily recognize by which cause you got your depression. And it happens that you cannot even talk to someone that you are not alright and need better and immediate treatment. Your this sudden change in behavior makes your condition worse till you get to know that it is depression.

The problem with depression is that it does not make you feel depressed all the time, but whenever you feel comfortable it attacks you like an enemy. It feels like maybe the depression does not want us to be OK or happy.

Moreover, when you come to know it is depression, people with or around you suggest you a lot of things to do: such as, they suggest you to go for a walk somehow, meet with different people, go out for watching your favorite series, meet with your friends etc.

It is albeit okay. We know these are such things which help us to feel better, but depression is more dangerous than that of we think. It never lets the people to do what they normally like. It kills the better skill in them and they cannot be able to do anything. It makes them far from all the activities that they love to do.

Believe me, it is the hardest time ever that people suffer from. Depression is not easy_ literally not at all. We know how to chill, enjoy, make fun, but no one knows how it really feels bad. You lose your energy and all the interest of life.
it is very bad!

Another bad thing in depression is that people react so commonly like they cite that they know it is a very common mental illness in world. So people around us treat like as if it is nothing. It is in human nature that they never focus on the things which are already known by everyone. So that is why they use to tell them depression is not something that you make yourself so sad and worry all about. It is a simple mental disorder, it will fade away with time, they tell. But, they never know without a very positive approach to someone with accurate and timely treatment who really is suffering from depression is never a solution to the hazardous illness.

People with depression are already hurt and these things will hurt them more. Why does not anyone understand the real problems of a person with depression? Why do they make them feel more depressed with words they do not want to hear in depression?

People may suffer the common depression, but not everyone faces the same conditions; not everyone feels the same type of loneliness. Environment, people and treatment depend a lot to them. Some people get better treatment so they can easily prevent their depression very early and some people live in a better environment so that helps them to feel better. And then people have most of the impacts of how a depressed person behaves.

To be very frank, people in our lives play different positive and negative roles. There are some people who understand us better than we understand ourselves. Their presence in our lives makes us far from a great many troubles and sadnesses. So, if you live with such people then there are very positive chances to prevent your depression.

However, it is tough for the people who do not have these blessings in their lives. In such times, depression gets more control on them to eat them more mentally.

In many times, people cannot even talk properly. They try to hide the real them in public. They feel guilty for their depression. They feel fear not to be called psycho. This very over-thinking makes them feel more depressed and they get to the other stage of depression which is even more challenging.

World Health Organization reported that depression attacks people with all the genders, but women are more affected than man. The report further unveiled that, it is depression which compels the people to commit suicide. Many suicidal attempts were done because people suffered the worst depression and did not talk with anyone. Because they think nobody understands them.

Is it our fault that makes them far from us? Do not they really need us when they are depressed? Should not we move one step farther to understand them? Are we only there in people’s good days? Who supports them if we do not when they are depressed?

It saddens the most when the loved ones, friends or other persons you adore commit suicide and you cannot do anything by then. Better to help them out before they get to take the very big decision to commiting suicide.

So, I would like to request all of my readers to be good and supportive with people. Since, you never know how badly situations are in their lives. Kick out your bad behavior and adopt the best version of yours whenever you observe someone really needs you.

Everyone’s life is precious. Try to contribute the more you can to make every soul happy. Do not let people to make suicide their last option. Give them so many reasons to live. Do not let them to be in depression. Because, a life without depression is always the best of all.

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