On May 26 in Dannuk, Turbat, a woman named Malik Naz was assassinated and her child Bramsh was injured by the muggers. This cruel act raised a huge hue and cry in all over Balochistan. People came on the roads with play cards of ‘Justice for Bramsh’. The fire of this incident had not extinguished before the muggers put another home on fire.

Recently on June 14, in Tehsil Tump a woman was crucified at midnight in front of her children. The muggers took off the gold and the cash which were kept at home.

Staggering to say, but here outlaws, muggers, robbers and thieves rule. We are in fool’s paradise to hope for justice.

The culprits of Malik Naz have yet not received any punishment because they have power to protection. And here another mother lost her life in the hands of them.

I am stunned to see what the administration is for! When will you wake up? Today, we feel the worst impuissance after seeing the reaction of our politicians and administration. May God save us!

Jahangir Jameel

Turbat, Balochistan

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