Father’s day is an international marked day to celebrate and cherish the role of fathers in the everyday complications. It is observed on 21 June annually. This day is observed holiday for celebration in some countries. The day is celebrated in various ways_ some do it with cutting cakes, others with managing party or surprises and some with loving and emotional speeches and dedications to the lovely man (father).

Nevertheless, father is one of the least discussed talks. He is someone who does everything without appreciations and praises in return. His countless struggles, working dawn to dusk only to feed and look after family are of high worth. His broken heart and brightest smile on face are evidences of his sacrifices he makes for his family. His torn clothes, mended shoes and old watch assure his dedicating nature towards his family.

Moreover, I, being a daughter ( a moral comrade to my father), prefer to choose a platform of words to dedicate some virtual feelings that I possess for my Abba Jan (father). I find the saturation of words weakened to prescribe the crucial role my dad plays in my life. His unapologetically love towards us is ensuring that his all liabilities come only after us. I live in a norms-bounded society based in Balochistan where most of the girls are deprived of education and other fundamental rights.

Despite the norms and the restrictions, my father always provides us with some comforts and freedom: freedom to education, freedom to speech, freedom to be self-dependent and so on and so forth. I, living under the chains of restrictions of society, am granted liberty to be myself.

However, most of the girls in my age are forced to early marriages whereas my father treats us as his priority and takes the stand to educate us. We, being seven daughters of our father, never felt like a burden on him_ literally not a single moment.

Having a scrunity on my life of being a daughter I witness much rude and arrogant behaviors of family. I remember a close kin of ours, in a family meet up, addressed, “Girls aren’t your own children, they need to leave your house one day. So there remains no requirement to educate girls. Let them sit in home and learn about looking after liabilities and chores of home.”

I, possessing a feminist spirit, was against of such so-called and cheap dialogues, wanted to response and end up the discussion but keeping his respect, persisted with silence. Later on, discussing this with my father I felt so privileged when he said, “My daughters are not less than sons and I will educate them. I believe they be my shoulders in my oldage and support me same way a son buttresses his father.”

I yet keep the pride with my chin up for having such an amazing man as my father who is ready to take stand for us at any phase of life.

Another time, when I had gone for shopping with my father and felt like I had expended much on my useless demands, he assured me his everything belonged to us. And he feels keen and glee to spend it on his daughters. Starting from school to tuition and language classes, from books to pencils, from clothing to shoes, food to accommodations nothing was ever missing in his presence.

His worthy prayers for us, his huge pride on my little success, his unconditional love, his affectionating suggestions always remain locked in the cores of my heart.

Concludingly, I know my father cannot read all those I penned for his irreplaceable place in my life and his unconditional love, but This Father’s day I wish him having all the blessings of Almighty on him. I want to tell him he remains my king and my only priority would be to leave him in pride for being the true father of seven daughters.

My dear loving father, I want you to take a stand for me each time when life endungeons me in hardships, I want you be my backbone on my ways to my dreams and love me ever and forever for your love and support are the most significant things I would require to accomplish my dreams. Your day dreamer (daughter) wishes you Happiest Fathers’ day! I love you Dad.

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