Turbat has been going through some dangerous and frightening situations for long. Presently, the circumstances exist with a titanic extent. Everyday we get to know about hazardous and horrible stealing of bikes and mobile phones in the city. On the other side, the people have been remonstrating about incidents of robbery occuring in outskirts areas of the city. Stealers snatch the bikes and other exorbitant materials at gun point. The citizens fear to get out from their homes even if they have any urgent work as a reason stealing is dime a dozen in every street of the city.

Recently, an incident of bike stealing was done in a prominent town of the city, Chahsar, around 9 at night. Despite the fact that policemen nevigate in every street of the city, stealing still proliferates.

The cases of robberies have plunged into a greater surge since the arrival of the people of adjointing cities. Additionally, if a robber is caught by police, in next day he gets liberated from the jail owing to political bondings or greasing the authorities in order to skip from getting summoned.

Moreover, what makes an individual perform illegal and offensive acts are poverty and unemployment. These two factors desperetely compels a person to forget all the good works. As compulsion is the mother of invention, sometimes for good reasons and mostly for the bad purposes.

Dishearteningly, Balochistan has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Therefore, stealing ratio is on its peak. The constitutional laws restrict a citizen to attempt crimes but the odds, hardships and adversities they are suffering from, which cannot be defied, endorse them to do so.

Therefore, it is our humble request to the government to redress unemployment in the province and legitimate authorities should mitigate stealing cases.

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