Rich dad Poor dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997. Robert Kiyosaki teaches people to be millionaires. He is called the millionaire school teacher. Beside this, he is also author of “If You Want to Be Rich and Happy” which is an international bestseller. It received appreciation from across the business community and cold silence from the school system.

The book Rich dad poor dad advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets, real estate investing, starting and owning a business as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence to improve their business and financial aptitude.

Rich dad poor dad is written in the style of a set of parables, ostensibly based on Kiyosaki’s life. The rich dad is his friend’s father who dropped out at 8th grade and became a millionaire. Whereas, poor dad is his own father who was highly educated and had the PhD degree but never gained financial security.

Similarly, at the early stage of Kiyosaki’s life, he wished for a comfortable life as everybody does. But for that he had no ideas how to have one. He needed some guidelines to have a secure and comfortable life. For this he had to listen to his both dads. If you have a glance over the dads’ views, both had different opinions about money. However, poor dad advised him, “Love for money is the root of all evils.” While the rich dad advised, “Lack of money is the root of all evils.”

Poor dad suggested, “we cannot buy this,” whereas rich dad differently argued, “How can I buy this, my mind started working on it.”

Moreover, the poor dad said, score good grades to get a high profile job while rich dad assumed to study hard to hire an organization. In fact, Kiyosaki was confused as to whom he should listen to and have a comfortable life. He was in deep trouble to make a proper decision. At last, he was much influenced by his rich dad and he followed his footsteps and also became a millionaire. So, after getting rich he wrote this book for us with the help of his wife Sharon Lechter to provide those guidelines which he had gone through.

Furthermore, the writer has mentioned 6 lessons by which one can gain financial security such as Rich dad does not work for money, Why to teach financial literacy, Mind your own business, the history of taxes and the power of corporations, the rich invent money and works to learn, does not work for money.

As the rich dad suggested, don’t work for money rather learn to have money work for you. We need to agree with the writer here since we are always told to work for money. Whatever we are engrossed in is just for money. Whether we are studying or doing something else, our main purpose is to get money and just survive. Resultantly, we are afraid to take any risk in life.

As it is nicely said, “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.” Here we all want to have a successful life but hardly ever work hard to achieve that. We actually think, things get done by themselves with the time. But it has never happened and will never happen. Since, you will never know how to cook food until you take the initiative. You will never know how to drive the car until you sit at the driving seat. And you will never know swimming until you jump into the water.

We need to take steps with courage and determination to achieve what we want in life. Fear of failure is the main reason that today we are struggling with financial dependency. We spend years in school, college and later in university but learn nothing about money. Even if you study business fields such as economics, accounting and etc. But today’s pseudo education system does not help one to gain financial independence. As if the institutions are creating reboots and calculators.

Even though our PhD holders are unable to analyze the things. If a deep glance be taken on the society, educated sector is more ignorant. Taking responsibility is a burden for them, discipline is completely lost and behavior is next to none. If somebody gets a high profile job he considers himself superior to others. He even though avoids his father if he is uneducated.

Finally, Rich Dad Poor Dad is more than just a book about financial issues but it is written in such an engaging manner which provides solid solutions to financial issues. It clearly shows why middle class families are facing long financial problems. And why they find it very hard to overcome their financial crisis.

It also provides a great opportunity to the readers to know about the rich people and how they overcome their financial issues and get security. I cannot be wrong to say that, due to lack of financial education it becomes very tough to survive. According to the report of Department of Health and Human Services, in every 40 seconds a person and in every year about a million people commit suicide due to financial crisis. That is why WHO is considered the suicide is the main causes of death.

So, without any hesitation the book should be considered a must read for those that are fortunate enough to have never had to live a life of financial independence.

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