During online classes so many issues pop up. Today was my first online class in zoom meeting app. After so many hurdles with very slow internet speed, finally I joined my computer class. Few seconds later a fight broke out between my younger sister and brother: I changed my room. I calmed myself down that now I would attend the class with tranquility, but eventually electricity went off.

I do not want to freeze my semester, but I cannot study like this. I am a good student with excellent grades and 0 absentees in my whole semester. But, if such conditions continue then surely I will become victim of depression and anxiety.

No doubt education is matter of life and death, but our education system is playing with us along with the government. No one is ready to listen to us; neither our government nor our educational authorities. Students all around the country have come out to protest and demand for either to provide us with good facilities or stop such so-called online classes.

In fact, a great many students of district Kech and some other areas do not have access to wifi, whereas, mobile data is not available for last 4 years. But still our government wants us to take online classes. How could we take online classes with zero facilities?

To sum up, there is my big no to online classes. Because with no facilities I cannot attend online classes. Government needs to come forward to play its role in saving the careers of students. It is nothing but a joke with us. No to online classes.

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