Life sometimes grants us with multitude gladness, invades our minds by putting all positive aspects one really requires. It, however, owns us everything to make our soul confident and fulfilled, yet we get encircled with emptiness by bringing false intentions in thoughts.

We feel lifeless: no love and faith around us, just revolving of solitude with its strengthening enlightenment.

I got acknowledged why all these take place after giving my consideration to the book “Mehr e Hosham” of the very famous Baloch writer Ghani Parwaz. Literally, it is the first ever Balochi book I have ever read which I love and admire the most.

His written Book not only glimpses over love in life, but also talks about numerous things in a various manner; deemed quite consequential for a happy lifestyle. This is, undoubtedly, a smashing book relevant to friendship, teaches about essence of trust in relationship, portrays a well-developed structure of a society with its literated women and also sheds lights regarding all sickening issues that get birth between an educated husband and an uneducated wife.

Heartbreakingly, this is the story of Asadullah who was blessed with the relationship of marriage but lacked all merry events in life being a father of three children. Since, he had not gotten a person to have aptitude of understanding pains in eyes and tears deep inside his heart.

He was disappointment and had no comforts. To bring best feelings of peace in mind, he used to go to seaside to provoke new hopes for future.

It was a part of his daily routine to do so. This very habitual action converted every harshness of his life into pleasant ones. Life gifted him smile and rest when his eyes saw the appearance of Shahida_ a beautiful young and educated lady.

They met each other, talked, walked, visited, forgot every bitter truth of existence and caged themselves into the sweetest relationship of love.

Asadullah’s soul got a chin of lightness to fall in love with one who was capable to accompany him in all circumstances.

Days and months were going so joyfully and there was absence of sorrows all around. To keep the maintenance of same happy moments, both lovers thought to marry. And this marriage was what spoiled everything in their life. It distracted peace of mind, rest of body by availing fear: the fear of losing; the fear of separation; the fear of alleviating love in hearts; and the fear of fake rumours in areas about two lovers.

This fear took out the naps of days and relationship of life. Both newly marraiged couple had fear that their love for each other would not break down and get less. They did not hold trust and had no mutual comprehension. And, then there emerge sadness in their life.

The same lack of trust faded away every blissful event from their lives. To not have these all in future, Asaduallah killed himself so as to have the same famous love story of theirs in the mouth of all.

This fear and lack of trust not only made someone a widower, but also left someone’s desires unfilled.

Hence, it really was a great book that conveyed, “Trust is a healthy fruit of life. If it is lacked, there remains nothing.” So, have it read and enjoy the sequence of Balochi in life.

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