Balochistan_ the largest province of Pakistan_ is the proprietor of exorbitant resources for Pakistan. Everyone, across the globe, is well aquatinted to it as a key reason it holds a titanic number of resources, be it gas, patrol, diesel, gold etc. It can brighten the future of Pakistan with rays of development in spin of nights, if utilized wisely.

Despite being blessed with precious natural resources, still dearths are ubiquitous in Balochistan. When will Balochistan get pardon from the prison of dearths and people will live prosperous and peaceful lives?

Tormently, Balochistan has drowned in the pond of crisis deeper than other provinces. Balochistan recently lacks a burn center which is very essential to have around in order to avail immediate treatment to the victims of any type of explosion as a reason the victims require immediate treatment.

A few years back, an enormous number of students and a massive number of passers by met with a cylinder blast in an illustrious city of Balochistan, Turbat. Owing to unavailability of a burn center in the city, patients were evacuated in a hospital of Karachi. Certain of victims conceded defeat in the battle of life on the way towards the destination due to covering a long distance. A large number of families mourned for the loss of their beloved ones and it was all pitch_ dark in the city because of tragic accident. They might have survived if had a burn center in the native city.

With the passing of each day Balochistan is plunging into a greater number of dearths instead of a decrease in counting.

Strangely, all the polictians are great actors and imposters as a reason they receive the votes with their sumptuous speeches. All the politicians, who acted smart to be pathetic to the people for their means, went ghosts in nascent days of their regime after the elections. If fetched victory or not they would persist showing fake sense of being sympathetic.

The government of Balocistan is just pretending that it is performing all the incumbands and impersonating as accessible regime to the public dearths. Additionally, ignorance towards Balochistan is a part of inheritance of each government.

Hence, it is a collective request of whole nation to mitigate all the long appearing dearths_ particularly of creating a burn centre in every division_ which have decimated the Baloch people and stopped the downpour of negligence towards Baloch youths and Balochistan’s development. The province needs results in practical.

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