Dasht, a grand Tehsil of District Kech, has several problems to encounter. They oppose the fundamental rights of every individual and basic need to perpetuate their lives.

Firstly, the smashed education system of Tehsil Dasht is in a worrying state. Education is an accurate gateway to develop and a strong weapon to defeat woes. But continuous negligence of government has made the desolations enhance the poor realm of education.

Approximately, 60 high, middle and primary schools of males and females are situated in Dasht. But dishearteningly, just few are in proper conditions. In fact, a great many schools do not have basic facilities, for instance: water, rooms, walls, chairs, library, proper arrangements etc. Even in some schools students are taught under open sky.

Secondly, the absent teachers have made the situations worse. Many schools are completely closed having no teachers. Owing to this, aspirants are going through a trial of devastation. Despite doing absenties, teachers receive salary of every month.

Besides education, a lack of hospital has thrown people in havoc. In different villages of tehsil Dasht we exist hospitals including the headquarter khuddan. Sadly, all are in poor conditions or fully exterminated. In case of emergency people from Dasht travel to Turbat to have treatment.

In some of the cases many have lost their relatives and loved ones. Because, it takes hours from Dasht to reach in Turbat as the roads are in miserable conditions.

Simultaneously, the broken roads have kept them far out and stuck. The sole purpose of the roads is to facilitate one to reach his destination. But Dasht’s roads make them intercept to visit their destinations. In fact, a distance of few kilometers takes hours to reach from one place to another.

Besides this, the inaccessibility of electricity has pushed them backward to a great extent. Electricity, a thriving invention of human, provides multiple comforts to humans. Dishearteningly, when it comes to its provision, the residents of Dasht are always ignored.

Untowardly, the inhabitants of Tehsil Dasht are victims of numerous diseases. They (people of Dasht), in fact, most commonly use the dirty water for drinking and cooking. Painfully, infrequency of hygienic and pure water has dragged them to utilization of the dirty water.

Water crisis is a long history of age-old grievance of tehsil’s residents. People from long distance go on feet to bring water.

Thus, I request to the government and concern authorities to take prompt actions and resolve the basic problems as soon as possible. Because they are our fundamental rights, we need no compromise over them.

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