The recent painful tragedy of Dannuk has indicated that how unprotected we are to live in such a society where ignorance, cruelties and injustice have reached at the highest peak with snitching the legal rights of the innocent people. How unbearable it is when one would shoot at a 4 year-old child and kill her mother for the purpose of robbery; painfully the State’s security forces seemed failed to catch the real culprits yet.

Even after each kilometer, we have checkposts, but unfortunately, they are entirely failed to do their jobs to bring peace in the region. In Turbat, numerous such incidents had occurred but security forces, be it police, levies, and other forces have totally unsucceeded to arrest those thieves who always succeeded in robbing the houses.

Therefore, the armed robbery is very common and uncontrollable in the city as most of the robbers and criminals go unpunished and unreported in media.

One of the armed robbers_ caught during the robbery_ was all due to the courage of the woman (Maliknaz) who attempted to stop them while trying to enter in her house, but not the State’s security. The woman was shot dead and her daughter (Bramsh) got injured. Bramsh is under treatment in a hospital of Karachi. Our prayers are with little Bramsh for her safe recovery.

Constitutionally, every citizen is equal before law_ be it the Prime Minister of Pakistan or a common man. But when it comes to a diverse implementation of laws, the common people suffer the most. There should be proper implementation of laws within the country so that everyone’s rights get protected. For, each citizen deserves to live peacefully with enjoying the legal rights.

As living in a democratic State, we have the rights to have Justice and peace to live in our homes peacefully. Why is injustice being done on poor people time and again who have already suffered the most from multiple issues?

Reportedly, the robbery case of Danuk is related to superiors who even were working with the party in ruling in Balochistan. In fact, the culprits were in touch with ministers and were involved in participating in several programs of the ruling party with guns. Now that they are found as robbers, the party-in-rule does not own them.

The notable thing is that whatever is unknown is already known by everyone. As a great personality nicely quoted, “The knower knows the known.” The known is unsayable, just fearfulness has tied everyone to unspeak the speakable words.

What seems good is a liberal constitution when that is failed to protect the most basic of whole liberties; the liberty of person, to live peacefully & talk fearlessly about the fundamental rights in the State? What seems good in a democratic country that seems unsuccessful to secure our constitutional rights? As the public protest for their rights to be protected and demands for justice, peace and protection within the province, but their raised voices go unfocused and unheard by the Government. It is the obligatory duty of State’s forces to provide us peace and do the protection of our rights to live peacefully, not to make the place worst to live.

The law is an important condition of liberty which defines and protects rights and freedoms of the citizens, but we are unsafe and unsecured within our homes, being killed with no reasons, still armed gunmen go unpunished, leave the other liberties yet.

The state grants us legal rights and is responsible for their protection from the armed robbers and men since the rights are too useful for any state. Certainly, the rights are claims recognized and protected by the state. And a state is known by the rights it maintains.

Recently, on 1st June, a huge rally and Press conference was held for Bramsh in Turbat Press Club, demanding justice for Bramsh whose mother was killed and made her injured by robbers. The entire city protested against unlawful activities which are taking place time and again in Turbat, still no one appears to eradicate the roots of such acts. The protest was a cry for Justice for Bramsh Baloch. We expect that Bramsh gets justice and unlawful killings be stopped as soon as possible.

The governmental authorities should continue their firm and legal investigation to arrest and hang up those criminals plus strictly punish the ones who are involved in illegal activities within the province. The dministration of justice system has to provide justice to Bramsh and her family so that in future such painful incidents should not take place. We need Justice, protection and a peaceful place to live in. We Stand for Bramsh to seek justice at any rate.

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