Bramsh, a baby girl of 4 years, hails from Danok,Turbat. She is a victim of a night robbery. Some days ago, when it fell dark four robbers broke into the house to loot all the exorbitant materials. Her mother got shot dead in the robbery incident.

Bramsh is certainly suffering in the most tragic and grievous days of her life. The wounds of losing her mother_ even not spending a quarter part of life with the most beautiful character and precious gift of Allah. Sadly, such pains never get healed so easily.

However, a robber among four was caught by the local citizens of the area. After a handy beat, they handed him over to police to make him vocalize all the information. If the law enforcement agencies become sincere to this, it can lead them to the master minds behind all this along with the other enrolled culprits. It can take the police force to the exposure of accomplishments.

Yet we have not seen the police picking up prompt actions other than putting three enrolled culprits behind the bar_ that too, some assume, for their protection. As a matter of fact, a perpetrator would have not been got caught if the local civilians of the terrain did not summon up their strengths. Unfortunately, police were appreciated more for the apprehension of the outlaws than the authentic catchers by the government.

Despite being embedded by a many of check posts, how can such incidents be in occurrences? Turbat is in chaos. The legitimate authorities are to take stern acts to return the people of the city in relieved conditions and entrust the family of victims to opt a punishment for the killers.

Besides this, in 2019 night robberies were stretching with a great extent of pace. The robbers were not local inhibitants of the city. According to police, the gang was caught with all involvers, yet their impacts are in the minds, and another gang of robbers came into existence_ that too from the native city.

Returning back to the point, we want the government to give justice to the innocent baby who is going throughout uncountable pains with the inclusion of losing her mother so soon. Usually culprits get pardon from the jail and skin the punishment due to having political bondings. It does not matter how high offensive acts have been done, they are released. But, this time it shall not be the outcome. Recently the baby girl is admitted in a hospital in Karachi and is bedridden owing to getting her shoulders fractured by the brutal and selfish robbers.

Thereby, we want the government to track the real offenders as soon as possible. They must be executed by hock or crock so that they become exemplary culprits who were executed because of their lawless deeds for others who intend to perform such performance. We urge the government and court to wet the appetite of Bramsh and her family with justice.

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