Bramsh, your tears are compelling me to write this letter to you from here (the heaven). Believe me, it is the toughest work for me_ although in the heaven_ to collect words for sending to you_ my daughter who I can only see but nothing else.

You know Bramsh, every now and then your tears tear my heart out here in the heaven. Every passer by is dumbstruck how could someone be so unhappy in the heaven. But I am a mother. Even I can feel your fragrance somewhere around me. Far than my happy times here, I am saddened the way I left you in the world. I know you are suffering the most.

When I hear your cries calling for me and I cannot come to you, kills me more here than anyone in the world. But, what else can I do than to writing to you? I am still not sure whether or not you receive my letter.

Bramsh, you are to stay very strong in the battle of the world. You have to live for you have to do many more there in that world. You have to work sincerely and make a good name of yours out there which would please me the most here.

Look my angel, you are one Bramsh and I am one mother, but do you know a thousand of mothers out there in your land vociferate each day for even harder challenges? You only lost me, but they have lost even more than that. You have to become a voice for them out there. I left you in the world for a different purpose, my Bramsh. You are to be the “Bramsh” of many mothers out there in Balochistan.

It is not that I could not bring you here with me now, but I feel your land better needs you now than this world. Here I am waiting for you my little angel. But, please Bramsh, do not cry. Your tears kill me each second here. Your smile better suits on your lips my child.

So Bramsh, you have to study hard and get to a position where you can become a strong voice for your community. You have to work for ceasing the brutalities on the other Baloch daughters. You have to ensure no other daughter faces like circumstances in her life as you have faced. Because, a person who has beared cruelties herself can better stand firm against the brutalities. Because they feel what real pain is.

“Yes, I am coming.”

Bramsh, I need to go now. So lastly, stay strong my girl. You are still to face manifold other challenges. If you become weak and cry, I cannot be happy here in this world. And I ask Allah for giving much courage to you out there in the world. Take a good care of yourself and everyone around you. And remember one thing: more than me, the Baloch society needs you.

Stay in Power my girl.

With much love from your mother.

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