Technology, the modern requirement, is a best tool to progress. Howbeit, many people consider the usage of technology a waste of time_ especially for young students. But I disagree with that. I have found it very useful for my studies.

With the help of this facility, I do not only remain in touch with my peers, but also remain updated with the current affairs. It also allows me to communicate with my classmates via chatting that aids me to share with them my concerns about studies any time.

Undoubtedly, this modern age requires technology as a basic element to make a difference in the society. Today, the world is entirely changed with the support of science and technology. How would it sound imagining a world without technology at a time when we are all so used to it? So incomplete and incompetent.

I totally acquiesce with the point that a life_ with the current scenerio_ without technology is not safe and luxurious. It also has rendered us advanced sources of communication such as, mobiles, telephones, mail and social media through which we can communicate to anyone within a short span of time.

According to the researchers, the students of the today’s age are more competent and talented than that of the past. Because they were just limited to their course books, but current students are touching the sky by dint of technology. Factually, it is the technology that we are updated with any type of news_ local, national and international.

Helping out a student with so many blessings, how come I believe technology disturbs one to getting education? It is indeed helping us in many ways to increase our knowledge.

It is not that technology is wholly good. Everything has two sides. There are a lot of side effects of technology too. As quoted beautifully, “Nothing is good and bad, but thinking makes it so.” If we, as students, concentrate more on the positive side, we get to beautiful outcomes.

In fact, today America is the most powerful country of the world. A question arises, what makes America the superpower country? It is due to its developed technology. In The United States, every student is able to approach any book they wish to have to enhance their knowledge. Unluckily, we consider the same technology a dangerous tool for us.

Hence, it depends on the users how they go with the technology. It is like, if I cut my finger by a knife, it does not mean knife is bad, but the way I functioned it.

That is why, I believe you are the controller of the actions you do. Do not let the technology control you. When you are controlled, you are gone. So, stay positive when you use technology. You will enjoy, succeed and progress well in life.

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