Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan which covers a huge landmass of the state. Despite being so rich, the province is the most undeveloped region in Pakistan. However, Balochistan has been suffering from long through a number of issues inculding poverty, unemployment, inflation, agricultural crisis and illiteracy etc.

The illiteracy is one of the gravest issues in Balochistan. The province stands at the lowest point in illiteracy rate than other provinces. As per an estimation, 44% ‘degree-holders’ in Balochistan do not know how to read and write. Illiteracy is one of those issues that can deprive the country socially and economically.

Furthermore, getting good education is everyone’s right, but in Balochistan no one is getting a quality education. Hence, it results in growing unemployment rate, poverty and emerging of social crimes.

In this context of life, Balochistan is destroyed and getting backward day by day. The grievance is spreading because no one is paying careful attention to our province.

There are many reasons for poor education system in Balochistan. First, we lack qualified and well-trained teachers. If there are teachers, they do not know how to teach accurately because they have been recommended for teaching posts from influential sources.

Secondly, there are a large number of ghost teachers. According to a report of Alif Ailan, almost 5,000 teachers get salaries without fulfilling their duties.

When we have not a good education system, how come we expect of literate outcomes from the schools? The teachers and leaders themselves are illiterate, how come they bring changes in the students’ lives?

Thirdly, we have a great number of female children away from education due to cultural norms and traditions. It is because they believe education is never meant to be given to females. Wheres, our last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) himself quoted that education is for both, males and females. Unfortunately, in Balochistan the literacy rate of females is much lower than males; the rate stands at 27%.

All in all, Balochistan has witnessed multiple hardships. It is high time the province had been promoted with a quality education. Not only males, but females_ specially of the rural areas_ need a very special attention from the authorities concerned.

As mentioned in the Constitution of Pakistan that education is everyone’s basic right, the state needs to enforce the words in practical by providing quality education to every child of the state.

Finally, the government needs to appoint teachers on merit base. Because one wrong teacher can destroy the lives of so many students. We need well-trained and qualified teachers. Like always, Balochistan awaits for a better education system.

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