Conducting online classes without providing internet facility in Balochistan is unfair, Baloch Students Council

The spokesperson of Baloch Students Council (Islamabad) has stated that the outbreak of global pandemic Covid-19 on one hand has increased difficulties in human life. At the same time its outbreak has also exposed the claims of several countries regarding provision of facilities to their citizens. Global pandemic is not only a threat to human life but has also got negative impacts on economy, education and social life. Whereas, especially the problems with education system put a question mark on the claims of state. After the outbreak of pandemic, the educational problems on which the state has to put an eye and think about is the division of the education system in two parts. First education system is for the aristocrats with no problems at all. And Second system is for the suppressed class which is full of hurdles and without any sort of facility.

The spokesperson maintained that the students of Balochistan belong to the suppressed class who are kept deprived of internet facility even in this time of advancement. And on the other hand, state and the administrations of the educational institutes make their educational policies keeping in view only the students of aristocratic class. After the pandemic, government and administration had planned to conduct online classes but their decision was strongly opposed by the students of Balochistan, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan, due to unavailibality of internet service in these areas. Seeing these strong demonstrations against the decision of government and administration, they took it back for the time being. But now, once again some universities have released notifications of conducting online classes from 1st of June, which is highly unfair. Whereas it has also revealed the nonserious attitude of state and educational institutes towards students of subjugated class. This decision proves that state’s education system is only for the aristocratic class.

The spokesperson said that the students of Balochistan are definitely not against the technological advancement or online classes. This is rather an act of encouragement to continue our educational journey at the times of epidemic. But from where should we (students) get education without basic internet facility ? If state is serious for bringing online education system then first of all the internet service has to be restored in Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and some areas of KPK. Apart from Quetta, the cities such as Kalat, Awaran, Turbat, Panjgur, Sorab, Kohlu, Naseerabad and Sibi have got no internet service. Now, every conscious man can guess the situation of Balochistan. The state and the administrations of universities have stated that the students having no access to internet should freeze their semesters. This act clearly means that thousands of students from Balochistan, KPK and Gilgit will have to freeze their semesters, which is a matter of great concern. When it comes to Corona epidemic, even a super power state like America is unable to guess about the end of this pandemic.

We, the students of Balochistan ask from the state that God forbids if this pandemic continues till next year then according to your plans, should we freeze our four semesters? If this is state’s educational policy then state should make it clear that these universities and educational policies are not for the students of Balochistan, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan. We appeal to government and it’s educational institutes to review their educational policy and save our educational careers, continued the BSC spokesperson.

Baloch Students Council (Islamabad) will raise its voice on all forums against such educational policies and will run campaign against this decision.

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