Life has no limits. It passes with every tough and merry challenges one confronts. The days are meant to keep circulating no matter if we are not willing them to.

Similarly, my days of life were going so rapidly when I firstly decided to have persistencey for my further education though I am a girl.

I knew my decision would cause me very rubbish problems. But all I decided to have solitude and move on with my plannings.

And eventually, the drama began when I mentioned my desire to study in Turbat University. The stones of sadness got harsher and rained on me when I cited my wish for reading Political Science in in BS level.

Surprisingly, I was not forced to leave the study or not to take admission in university, but everyone wanted me to follow their suggestions and their opted subject for me. But I just turned with blind eyes to their words. Hence, they tried a great many attempts to misguide me with my decision so that I take my words back, but I never meant to do that. For, it was again I who was to study thereafter.

I was acknowdged with very wrong awareness regarding Political Science. I was told it was tough and lacked scope: it was not a field for females: most often this department overcame with the issues of no teachers in the Turbat University: if it has few teachers, their standard is very low.

I, in my this stage of life, was only motivated by my teacher Shayhak Nazir.
He made me realize how Political Science brought leadership abilities in females. Because it teaches about the policies of a state and rights of women in a society.

I was told Political Science will familiarize us with freedom of expression where we can raise voices on wrongdoings and about those perpetrators who love to ruin us.

I became the most motivated and felt proud of my decision, but I kept fearfulness and was sorrowful about my teachers whether or not they could be good and effective.

My this perplexity vanished when I started taking classes. I met many teachers there and then I wondered myself the luckiest person ever to know how best teachers are in this department.

Political Science Department, however, has Sir Shah Hussain and Sir Farad who are full of knowledge and every time working to transfer their gained knowdged to their students.

It has teachers like Sir Changiz and Muzaffir Hussain who have strict rules but the kindest hearts to understand each problem of the students. They are always ready to fear the fires of every weather just to give us a bright future.

I truly feel incapable to describe every member of this department who are the best, be it Madam Sabiqa who burns the midnight candles for teaching us or sir Jamil who is ever present to tickle all issues we come around with.

I, undoubtedly, feel blessed to have such optimal souls in my life. This department not only gifted me such honourable presents, but also made me a student to have a great performance on studies.

I really keep no regrets to join this department and suggest everyone to come and join the department too (if basically interested in). Here you get the best teachers who scarficice their comforts of life just for their students to having lights in future.

And yes, you will hear a bundle of rumours, but be careful. Because not everyone is your well-wisher. And best of luck for the next step ahead.

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