Balocistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of territory. Iran’s border is adjacent to Makran which is a prominent division of Balochistan.

The citizens of Makran usually utilize Iranian products. Because they are sold in reasonable prices.

When novel Corona virus (COVID 19) arrived in Iran, Balochistan government took the decision to close the border keeping in view the pandemic situations of Iran. It was a great step taken by the government not to let the virus enter in Makran. Even exporters were not allowed to pass the borders owing to which a storm of unavailability of food materials and petrol started and kept growing in the division.

In the current situations, Makran lacks petrol, yugurt and other basic food materials. Inflation has increased three times greater than before just in the spin of 3 weeks.

Therefore, I humbly request the government of Balochistan to reopen the Iran border to overcome food crisis in the division.

Kashif Sagheer

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