Tump, located near Pak-Iran border, is a tehsil of district Kech. It is one of the most populated areas of Kech and an economic hub of Mekran where people do trade via Pak-Iran border by exporting and importing daily life goods like flour, rice, milk, fruits, vegetables and fuels, but it hurts me to state that Tump lacks basic health facilities such as bandages, drips, pyodine, gauze, syringes and even oxygen gas are not available.
Besides, there is an acute shortage of qualified doctors, particularly lady doctors, paramedical staff and medicines owing to which numerous people are facing devastating consequences.
Moreover, destitute people cannot afford to access to Teaching hospital Turbat which is approximately 60 km far from Tump.
Most importantly, in today’s modern world medical science has advanced and developed but we are deprived of our constitutional and legal rights due to sheer negligence of our representatives.
I humbly request Chief Minister of Balochistan Mr. Jam Kamal Baloch and provisional Health minister that be conscious and responsible about this issue of tehsil Tump because if there is no good health there is no human being and if there is no human being there is no country.
Muhazim Mohammad Jan
Tump Balochistan
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