Inflation in Turbat city has abruptly peaked by night. With the arrival of Ramadan, prices of products are unjustifiably getting hiked.

A kilo of yogurt is sold at RS. 140, lemon RS. 550 per kilo, mango beverages of 150 are sold at 200.

Secondly, as per lockdown petrol shops are closed. Petrol pumps are just allowed to operate and a gallon was sold at 550 to 600 on 1st day of Ramadan. It is an appeal to the administration of Turbat to overlook the ongoing situations in the markets and fix ceiling prices for the products whose demand is surplus because of Ramadan.

People, owing to Covid-19, are already sailing against the wind in financial issues as their businesses are closed down. We wait for legal action.

Jahangir Jameel
Turbat, Balochistan

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