Turbat is a metropolitan area in southern Balochistan and the center of Kech District. It is known as the capital of Makran. Besides Quetta, the second-largest city in Balochistan is Turbat.

In addition, Turbat has one college for women which is government Girls Degree College. The college is bleesed with highly qualified teachers who are playing a vital role for the educational prosperity of the region.

Unfortunately, the second largest city of Balochistan lacks fundamental rights for girls’ education. Girls do need security, affordable transportation, scholarships, college uniforms, books, bags, adequate boundary walls, safe and private toilets with hygiene facilities, and access to safe drinking water. Unfortunately, the only college for females is deprived of all these basic amenities.

However, the college has topped in the latest college rankings of the province. It clearly indicates how the faculty and the students have keen interest in the educational field.

Just imagine, a college without availing the required facilities has turned out to be the best, how would it be if facilitated well? They are, indeed, gonna do so much to promote the city, province, and the state in one or the other way.

Sadly, things get even challenging when it comes to females’ education_ be it the city, the province, or the country. Managing them all with the shortage of the above mentioned fundamental requirements is more than a tough task.

Therefore, the concerned authorities are requested to take suitable actions and provide the college with all mandatory necessities. It is high time to promote education for females too in the province.

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