When I spread love and affection, I am known by my sympathy and humanity. When I show the world my uniqueness, I am told everything behind. I am someone loved by myself, cared by myself and unknown by everyone around me. Might I am unbeknownst to other individuals of the society. Might they name me a diverse creature of God. But I always value my existence and meself.
Certainly, I consider myself a little angel who always intends to strengthen peace and forward its shinning rays to each corner of the world . People call me in the name of a different creature, but I consider myself a unique creature whose existence is unknown to many.
Majority people around me state that my attitude differs, for I have  a sense of pride within because I am not reactive to them. I put all responsibilities on myself because what I hate is of accusing others.
I love being myself because I don’t care what others say, I do what I feel good, what makes me feel good. I am unique because I take time to recognize myself, to feel my existence around this greedy world. And Yeah! I’m always doomed in the sensation of who I am!
I remember the day, I made the new sunshine; my greatest glory and sat under a shadowy tree. I began recalling memories: Memories full of joy, memories full of laughter, memories full of sorrows, memories full of emotions, memories that were lived, and memories passed in loneliness. Oh my goodness!
Loneliness _ I admire it because it helps me purify my eyes, release my emotions to bring a better sensation and a moment where I can scold myself, motivate myself, where I can discourage hatred and discourage the words useless people utter for their own happiness.
This is the only moment where I can understand myself, feel my existence and create magic in my thoughts by giving me the all pleasure I ever dreamt of.
I ponder of my intelligence in moments where solitary becomes my true companion. It leads me to critical thinking and answers all my questions that none could answer. Intelligence of mind, I believe , can never weaken your self-esteem. I hate it when people insult my intelligence but I love listening to their lies when I already know what the truth is. They insult my intelligence to lower my self-esteem but everytime they do it, they fail.
Being a committed creature, everyone adores something. And I adore simplicity because my loved ones call it my identification. And simplicity is all I want because it is the most extraordinary quality that my Allah loves.
Sometimes, I feel being in the opposite direction of the world; too much far from this greedy society. This is the time I live in my own world where no thoughts exist except mine and my Lord’s. Allah the almighty made me from those creatures who always thank Him for creating her unique and creative. Yes, I leave millions and feel my value.
Little things make me happy and little things make me cry. This little thing is a lot for a little being. I agree people calling me soft-hearted. I agree them because I know I am. I know they know I cry on things they laugh at, I cry on things they smile at, I cry on things they shout at, feeling happiest.
I repeat I am unique because people take time to understand me. The things people smile at and I cry at seem a little unusual. They laugh at my unspoken words, but I have to be happy for what I  have achieved after all.
They don’t understand that happiness is found in tears. They don’t look at the tears of happiness that are shedded over my cheeks. They see what is usual.
Yes, I love having tears of happiness with a pretty smile sparkling over my lips because it provides me the pleasure I am in search for.
I am unique because no one is like me. I cannot be anyone. Neither anyone can be me. I am not superior neither inferior, I am who I am and what I am. I know utilizing god-gifted talents because I know it kills people who never want my well-being. It may be surprising that I love such people around me more than my beloveds because what I am today is just because of their spicy words that hit me hard to be  more committed. Building up my personality and bringing anew versions in me is all I love. And I need only a piece of criticism form which I get everything.
Days are always anew beginnings for me. My days began with a new sunshine that beautifies my each moment that I crave to live. I am not limited because I taste the sweetness of freedom and feel the beauty of independence. I never destroy my days talking to useless people and competing to them because for me it is just a waste of time, since I love to progress without bringing anyone on my way.
Beautifully, I truly love to observe the beauty of nature and to forward it everywhere. I wish to fly like birds and feel the sweetness of nature. Everything in nature is beautiful & useful. If you are a creature of nature then you are not useless.  You, too, is made for a purpose and that purpose can be beautified by positivity in your thoughts. This is what nature shows me.
Consequently, this is the day I found who I am. Sitting in a corner of my room in this Qaurantine. I found the answer to the question that always doomed me. I found, I am me, just myself not similar to anyone else.
Remember, I am always myself. You can be yourself too. Love yourself, your thoughts and smiles. For no-one can be like you. Always try to find who you are and know the reason behind your existence.
Yes! I am creative. I am unique and exceptional. Therefore, I am myself and value my existence and the soul.
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The writer is an alumni of Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy (DELTA) & a freelancer based in Turbat.