When lips don’t support,
Eyes speak.
When heart cries
 Words heal.
When you are left speechless,
 Art speaks.
To the day you realize, you need a rebirth after spending many unsatisfactory years with depression, it’s the day you take a reasonable step for a sparkling life-a new horizon.
A girl with dreams buried is being only breathing. She has much to say, yet remains speechless. Seeking for love, warmth, support in a society where nothing really matters for a girl to live her dreams. She gets even more miserable when married off to an unknown. Life seems hard. She feels herself nothing than a corpse. She courses her fortune to live with illiterate people. Because she resides in an ignorant environment to find wisdom around her.
The bond that connects her to her family through blood never meant to help her reach her goals. It is a very complicated task for a young widow to leave her home from a very conservative society in order to fulfil the dream she always dreamt for. And it was harder to leave for a place where everyone was a stranger for her. She, being the essence of good, kept her faith and began her beautiful journey. This strong girl owned the dream and was ready to face any challenges and realities with great courage.
It’s the story of this young girl whose ideal( her husband) left her just after some years of her marriage. She belonged to a family where girls are deemed to be beautiful only when sitting in their homes.
Her husband was a stranger for her. She had no thought of him being her true supporter. Unfortunately, he could not stand by her and left her forever. He left his heart and bold words for her which always gave her the capability of healing herself. Life seemed impossible. She cried, having done nothing good but marrying this man. She felt it was the best decision she had ever taken. She made a  new horizon for a sparkling life with her husband.
Ironically, life didn’t get tired of tasting her patience. Her husband met an accident. The injuries were so much that he had to leave for the permanent world. This strong girl broke that her new life lasted with her husband’s death.
How beautifully life had bestowed her with this amazing horizon. She decided to fulfil her dream of becoming an artist. It was close to impossible for her in such a surrounding where only narrow-minded people existed.
Her parents, seeing her condition, supported her to live her dreams. Finally, she came out of her comfort zone which was an obstacle to creativity. She made the new sunshine her greatest glory whereas her wisdom convinced her to art, paint and live in it.
To art needs your enthusiasm in it which is naturally found in some, and this enthusiasm within her made her more creative. An artist paints related to his experiences. This girl, who had experienced a lot in past, gave a vivid picture to her each art.
She painted and her paintings expressed her feelings and emotions. This young widow began her journey in an art institution appearing as a woman with no complicated past. She gets happy with her new beginning. Becoming an artist to touch human souls now becomes her forever dream.
Painting through her life experiences gave her relief and weakened her pains; this gave her relaxation and made her strong; this brightened her sight and fastened her brain; this gave her an overcome to all obstacles and made her happiest.
She had not thought of how life could change. Being an artist, she always adored the Supreme Arts_ the incomparable arts of Allah. She loved the sunsets that always reflected to her soul. One day she began to art which was to be represented in front of the class. The art, she painted, in reality was a Supreme Art, like a feast for birds and their chirpings were the songs they chanted. The sun was happily setting for having her job done. Its shinning rays were now close to reflect the moon. And all in a sudden, all these were put to rest to began another beautiful day.
After she represented the art in front of the class, everyone was left speechless. Words seemed powerless to describe an indescribable scenery . Getting indulged in this art, everyone felt no world around them . She felt peace within her spirit .
This art reflected the teacher’s soul as he found an individual’s enthusiasm and wisdom in it. So impressed, the teacher announced an art competition. After listening to this announcement, this young girl remembered her husband’s accident which was life’s biggest lesson for her. She wanted to make this art for the competition since it had her past with it.
She painted this art that gave a clear picture to her past tests and trials and her husband’s worse accident. The day arrived when the art was to be re-presented in front of everyone in the institution.
As the chart was affixed, she could only utter,”This art re-presents all about my husband’s death and…” tears shedded from her cheeks. This art was more than a million words speaking and thoughts overflowing. It created a sense of wisdom in everyone’s heart.
After witnessing this art, everyone was proud of being an artist. An artist who could paint to his emotions and vanish every pain, giving relief to a broken individual. She couldn’t explain that art into her words but that art itself spoke .
 Everyone got a clear picture of that art. And Yeah! She became the best artist among all.
Yes,she told boldly,
    Art changed me and my life
      Art made me creative
       Art made me strong
      Art became my courage
       And my true company
Art gave me relief from every pain…
And Art spoke when I remained speechless; Therefore, art remains my forever strength.
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