There are some books which are confined only to their respective subjects and people tackle a little win from them. Unlike to it, there are also such books which become the sole reason of lifetime success and prosperity of so many individuals with revolutionized courtesy.

The “Think and grow rich” book by Napoleon Hill prevails the uprising interest to thousands of millions of people with about 15 Million copies sold worldwide when published in 1937.

Napoleon Hill portrayed an identical character by discovering the undiscovered portion of human thinking and integral part of human enlightenment. Hill’s auspiciousness made flexible bonding after interviewing Andrew Carnegie, the world-renowned still magnate.

It appeared to be an exceptional gesture in which Carnegie offered Hill to interview over 500 millionaires to find the success formula within the next 25 years of his career. Hill accepted the proposal. He began the search for that core essence and executed with his accomplishment of “think and grow rich” book.

Before exploring the treasure of this book, it is acknowledged that the book is not only assembled for business or money making irrespective to the title of book designated.

It also comprehends teaching the contemporary earthlings about self-emancipation and worth of ownself. The book comprises of 16 chapters and each chapter unlocks the golden rule of life.

Napoleon Hill narrates that you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. Hill further says, “Desire is the starting point of all achievements”. All you need to do is to formulate a robust desire, create a definite plan with specified duration and put your efforts with deep concerns in order to see the desire into reality nearer to eyes. Ameliorate your plan and make your mind and heart a comfort zone in case the desire equipped. To make it visually affirmed, imagine yourself successful.

Secondly, “Faith” is termed as the head chemist of mind. Faith is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power and action to the Impulse of thoughts. This is really an uncommon factor consolidated for the attainment of goals. Likewise, faith works as the pillars of thoughts and creativity. Faith accumulates a picture of self-confidence which utters that my thoughts will reproduce themselves in physical reality.

In addition, Hill prioritizes the specialised knowledge. It goes without saying, knowledge is the key building of goals by calculating the success over struggle and sustainability. It is framed when one practically analyzes rather than just being stuck with paper-work. For this, we should seek knowledge through public libraries, training courses, colleges, universities and books particularly for specified knowledge that helps materialize the destination. This how one wins!

Furthermore, imagination runs a significant role. It is important to perceive imagination a pleasure of centralisation rather than just a fake, obsessed view of objectives. Likely, there are two forms of imagination. 1st is synthetic imagination which does not work at all due to the enrolled lapses and dominated terminologies. 2nd is creative imagination which leads your finite mind at direct touch to the communication with infinite intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received.

Besides, we can ratify our organised planning, the crystallization of desire into action. This is the stage where the power of thoughts, faith, specialised knowledge including imagination all factors co-ordinate with one another.

Make your time-table and exhibit yourself a leader authorising the leadership. This will draw you in taking appropriate decisions where they only belong to you and to the circle of responsibility you own. Do not be afraid of taking decisions and once you take, don’t back-up. Good habits, tolerance and consistency define your personality. Something what you need to remember that the word “Wish” must not reign “Will”.
Thomas Edison’s persistence in making light-bulb is a lesson for every individual. He failed 1000 times but still did not quit. And then brightened the whole world by miraculous hands.

Similarly, the power of master-mind makes up its place by indulging infinite intelligence, accumulated experience, and research that reasonably and predominately drive your mind into the certainty of triumph.

The subconscious mind is another fundamental aspect in becoming successful. This grasps the connectivity with internal operational structure by allowing positive emotions and destabilizing the negative sentiments.
At last, Napoleon Hill elucidates that we need to change the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love of someone, old age, and death in order to succeed in life.

I personally recommend this book to each and every person, this book can lift your life to the sky. Once you read it, you will get in love with the contexts, the life-changing phases. This book will confer an everlasting impression in becoming successful.

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