BSO (Baloch Students Organization) is the largest ethnic Baloch students body ( left wing organization ) in the country. It was formed by merger of two organizations Warna Wahinda Gul and BSEO in three-day convention on 26 November 1967. Its purely aim was to safeguard the rights of education and Baloch nation.

Unfortunately, the episodes of divisions and mergers soon erupted after 2 years of formation and the same process is continued to date. The reasons behind the acrimonious breakups can be attributed to the lustful ( selfish ) attitude of Baloch student leaders and the interference of nationalist political parties, whose consequences can purely and explicitly be seen in current political scenario of Balochistan.

The most affiliations of nationalist Parties is the main cause to damage the nursery of upcoming leaders and stuck them in the cave of tribalism, culture and state of slavery. However, fragmentation of the Baloch political parties always give rise to parallel fragmentation of BSO as well.

In the journey of struggle, BSO never stepped back and sacrifices are in shape of Hameed Baloch , Fida Baloch and Majeed Baloch. However, the shadow of enforced disappearance and mutilated bodies of Baloch students  never stopped the journey. But the most damages are caused by disunity .

Therefore, it is high time for all fractions of BSO to learn from History and  open  the windows of unity . The division of BSO should never be opted and the factors which lead towards fraction must be eliminated.

We all demanded for student unions which we had never practiced, but why unity among BSO fractions and other Baloch organizations is never our priority? In this way We are surely not following the slogan of Fida Baloch shaheed.

Unity with consistent struggle will surely lead us to our final destination .

Unity, struggle till victory

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