It is true that the habit of smoking is increasing day by day in our society. It is becoming one of the most concerning health issues and it causes many diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) lung and other forms of cancer and breathing problems.

Actually smoking has become a fashion in our society and most of the youths are getting attracted towards this trend.
Furthermore, according to (WHO) 128,000 People die every year due to smoking.

Another report reveals that 19.1% (23.9 million)of Pakistan’s youth is engaged in smoking, in which 31.8% include men and 5.8% women who use tobacco products on daily basis.

The rate of smokers in rural areas is 3.9% as compared to 10% in the urban areas.

Most often smokers are aware of the harmful effects of smoking but they do not seem to quit since they are addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette and it can produce issue of breathing and the smoke of cigarette produces many health problems.

So, it is the responsibility of government to take action on this serious issue of smoking because it is effecting many innocent lives.

Tariq Ali
Awaran, Kalat

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