The administration of UOT should revise its policy that a student of UOT is just a statistic or a number that brings with him/her, when got admission, about Rs.120,000 each year to the university from the HEC and by that amount the authorities appoint their family members and favourites.

Students of the university have their due rights in terms of proper drinking water, foods at hostel’s canteen with reasonable prices, female-common-rooms, recommended text books in the university’s library, opening of the library in the evening time, a safe and persistent transportation, IT and lab facilities, qualified and well-mannered teachers especially visiting faculty and teaching fellows. Currently the university is in a situation of chaos and is running by itself and no one is accountable to anyone. A driver can drop off a professor on the way based on a little argument and no one is there at the university to show cause the driver. Some of the doors have already been closed for faculty members and students for argument and discussion.

It is an alert to the people who are concerned or who are stakeholders of the university that, though there are many yellow-white buildings erected along CPEC road, University of Turbat is going to collapse financially, academically, and shockingly morally and ethically. It’s my humble request to responsible citizens of the region that kindly show your concerns to the authority and take interest in solving the problems facing by students and faculty members. This time, if we do not protect our institution, we should not feel ashamed for an associated word for the people in Balochistan “Incompetent” by the people in Islamabad.

For students and faculty members of UOT: Your single step becomes a part of a bigger movement which may make a difference. Kindly download an application “Pakistan Citizen’s Portal “ on your phone and launch complaints against your rights being violated or other problems you are facing. In your complaint kindly be precise and provide specific details, if possible, provide the designation of the responsible ones. Though it is unfortunate that the internal members of the “ Grievance Redressal Committee” of UOT are themselves involved in routine irregular businesses of UOT.



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