Article writing is an art that needs to be understood and practiced with provided principles. There are certain methods, rules to avoid while writing an article or a letter for a newspaper. There are numerous of teen writers who know how to use a sentence, how to use the grammar and they have a huge collection of nice vocabularies but they fail when it comes to writing an article. It has been observed in many write ups that most of the writers only show their aggressive behavior towards government or the lawfulness. They are unable to differentiate between article writing, essay writing and letter writing, but in fact they all require different methods and rules. It is the passion of every teen to write in online newspapers and get their work published. Below are some tips that will help the young writers and hope they will find the answer of rejection.

An article is neither an essay nor a letter. A draft must be written on a paper before writing it on Microsoft word.

Secondly, the writer should go through the research and note the important points.

An article must have a proper introductory line that should not consist of any data, info or figure.

There should be simple sentences rather than compound sentences.

An article does not consist of one paragraph only, but two or three paragraphs. Each paragraph must discuss a new point.

The article should not be too general, there should be researches, information and figures too.

The use of “I” should be avoided as: I went to a hospital and people told me ….. Rather it should be it was explained in a hospital……

It is mandatory to use good vocabulary with good sentence structure.

There should be a gap of three fingers before the commencement of a new paragraph.

Every paragraph’s end should be linked with the next paragraph’s beginning.

The article should be written in word by rectifying the spelling mistakes.

The body paragraph must contain the most important points of the tittle.

The whole context should address the title and title should explain the topic.

The article should be short, not so brief and complex.

A single point should not be explained briefly and the news or the title must be updated because due to the rapid advancement of technology, everyone is aware of the issues.

Exaggerated language should be avoided and points should not be repeated in every paragraph.The aggressive behavior should not be expressed in shape of slang and abuses.

Try to answer the WH questions and how.

The article should contain a proper conclusion by concluding the article with attracting lines.

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