PUBG or Player’s unknown battle ground is a game that was released in March 23, 2017. PUBG is one of the most famous played game worldwide. The strategy of the game is like around hundred players are thrown in a battle ground and they are given the task of fighting. The negative impacts of this game have been observed. Students are badly addicted to it and it has deeply molested their educational career. It has been reported more dangerous than drugs.

The game is proven very harmful for the eyes of the players as it leads to sight loss, neurological issues. This game is now a days responsible for many death cases. This calamitous game does not only effect the behavior but also jeopardizes the mental phenomena and imagination. It has made the students of colleges, universities and even schools very rude, ill, abnormal, and lazy. Its side effects have created an environment of aggravation in the minds of players. A person playing this game for so long will surely, not be able to think and analyze in a clear way. It is important to note that PUBG has been banned in many countries but in Pakistan it is free to play.

According to reports, many students have died due to cardiac failure, brain disorder after playing this addictive game. People are rapidly getting engrossed to this game and the ill-effects are just disclosed now.

Keeping the adverse impacts of this dangerous game, it is a pledge to government of Pakistan to kindly ban the game. We have lost generations in bomb blasts, so we cannot afford to loose a new generation by playing a game and colonizing the brains.

It is needless to state that it has caused a tumult in every family and it is the murderer of many students as well as brains.

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