I want to draw the attention to the issue of child labour in Balochistan. Child labour is equal to cruelty. Child labour is one of the main problems of Balochistan and it is increasing day by day. Basically, uneducated parents are the main criminal in this case, because they force their children to work as labour during childhood in order to earn money and to survive in this world. Mostly, children work to meet their educational expenditures or sometimes they are under pressure from their superiors.

It’s a sad reality in all over the Balochistan that cannot be neglected. Due to the child labour, Balochistan is facing a lot of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy rate.

Poverty, unemployment and law & order situations are some reasons behind educational backwardness and low literacy rate. The increasing fee of privately-run schools also contribute to low literacy rate in the province. There is also a need to boost the capacity of teachers to improve the quality of education for which budget should be increased as well.

If children become the victim of child labor then it would be a huge lose for the education of the children. Approximately 2.3 million children out of 3.6 million are deprived of going to school  and they are working in garages, forced by their elders.

In Balochistan most of the parents are uneducated and their focus is on earning money. So they only think that money is everything and they do not give importance to the education. Furthermore, most of the parents cannot bear the expensive fee and other requirements which are necessary for the school such as uniforms, books, bags, shoes, and many more. Then they are compelled to send their children for working.


Aqib Daad

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