“Really I can not do it, it is too much tough for me because I have never presented a presentation.” Said Azeem Khan.

“Dear, nothing is impossible, first you should try it. You have the ability, you have the power to present an outstanding presentation”. Replied his teacher.

Actually, Azeem Khan was a student of 10th class. He was an innocent student. He was completely silent while teacher was teaching something. When teacher asked him, “Azeem Khan, have you gotten this lesson?” Then his reply was the same, “yes sir”

Once teacher assigned every student to present a presentation tomorrow on “believe.”

Actually, Azeem Khan was the first student to present his presentation in class. He was too much afraid. “Sir, really I cannot do it. I am not ready, I did not prepare anything on this topic.” Said Azeem Khan innocently.

Dear friend, just believe in yourself, Allah the Almighty has given you a lot of talents. It needs to be utilized and explored. Inshallah you will get a bright career.” Replied the teacher with a smile.

Come on, All students started clapping and said, “You are amazing, you can do anything, positivity is a choice, you celebrate your individuality, you are prepared to succeed.” After listening these words from his teacher and friends, he became highly motivated and started his presentation.

When he started the presentation, the first line comes out from his mouth, “never stop believing in yourself. Remember that those who have succeeded will encourage you. And those that have failed, will not.”

When teacher saw his confidence and way of sharing, he became surprised and shocked. “How is it possible, am I seeing a dream.” Teacher thought like so.

He shared a great quotation of a personality, “Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more: Believing in yourself.”

He was presenting his presentation in such an amazing manner. All students were in deep thought and their complete attention was on Azeem Khan as well as listening to his words one by one.

At last, “I would like to give a suggestion don’t lose your courage, be confident, believe in yourself and always be motivated because it is your career. If people do not believe but you are the only one who you trust the most. Now it depends upon you how you ignore others who are against of you. Just keep believing in yourself. That is whole.” He concluded his presentation.

After Azeem Khan’s presentation. All students got motivated and encouraged.

“Really Allah has given everything to us and we have to utilize them in a great way. Absolutely we will be succeeded in our life.” Said teacher.

“The ability to believe in yourself can change your life. If you are confident and committed in your challenge, then nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.” The last words of a talented student.

After this the time got finished and teacher came out from his class happily.


A story by Alijan Dilwash

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