Another medical student commits suicide; My beloved Student and Friend Dr. Yusuf Pirkani was a very kind hearted and respectful person … Ever since he Joined Bolan Medical College, he was a victim of great many stresses; medical studies, non-cooperative frightening environment in BMC, Exam failure, Father’s retirement, Sister’s suspected stroke & loss of many Pirkani tribesmen in Mastung Blast of July 2018… Multiple consultations with Psychiatrists but no response, planning to Quit MBBS and move towards Competitive exams and then when there was extreme indecisiveness and core issues didn’t seem to be solved, he lost courage and sacrificed a valuable life, leaving all of us in deep grief and regret…
A regret that we have built a society based on extreme frustration, every next academic step seems an impossible task, every senior seems like an obstacle, every teacher victimises, and with all these you have got no place to ventilate yourself, going out of home you meet a check post on every road with booted university.

A note from his teacher Dr Hafiz Sultan Muhammad”

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