The mainstream media in Pakistan has always showed no interest towards Balochistan as the region doesn’t contribute much economy to the media houses.

Recently, Dunya News Channel’s anchor Kamran Khan invited Rafi Ullah Kakar in his show (Dunya Kamran Khan Ke saath) to discuss elections in Balochistan. He was made to wait for three hours and at the last minute he was informed that there was no time to discuss Balochistan in the show.

Rafi Ullah Kakar twitted, “I was invited to Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Saath’s show to discuss elections in Balochistan. The show started at 9:30 and ended at 12. After making me wait for three hours, they informed me at 11:55 PM that there was no time to discuss Balochistan. This is the level of media’s interest in Balochistan.”

The twitter reacted to the discriminatory attitude of the mainstream media and shamed Kamran Khan and Dunya News for unethical and unprofessional act. Pakistan Peoples Party’s leader Sherry Rehman in a tweet called a shameful act.

Journalist and Human Rights Activist Saleem Javed wrote, it is a “blatant disrespect to analysts from Balochistan. Much airtime, in the contrary, is given to vulgar conspiracy propagandists from Punjab.”

Kamran Khan is one of the most famous figures of Pakistani media and he serves as the president and editor in chief of Dunya Media Group. However, his point of view is still awaited.

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