History recognizes those people who have been great teachers, leaders and scientists. But teachers who are considered change agents are big reasons of short-tempered of this enhanced world.

However, teachers play a key role in student’s life, in education sector and in a society. Everything and situations have changed by the teachers. They have appeared in shape of great leaders, scientists and writers. The reasons of this technical world of being changed are teachers who trained people and them for inventing something new for upcoming generation of the world.

Undoubtedly, every successful person has a role model, but mostly their role models are teachers. It is worthy to point out that the reason of backwardness of a nation are teachers, same as success. Everything depends upon teachers of a nation.

A teacher plays an important role after parents in molding the students. Students are to be handled with affection and courtesy. The students’ point of view must always be considered once before he applies his opinion on them.

Interestingly, an ideal teacher should be impartial, disciplined, not affected by respect, insult and at all times be courteous. Students generally keep a watch on teacher’s life. So a teacher has to maintain a good set of manners and try to be a role model for the students. This not only helps student to adopt it but also improves their regards to teacher. A teacher is found a role model only if he/she has good relationships with the students. The relationship between a teacher and a student should be like a fish and water rather not like a fish and fisherman.

Moreover, a teacher only escapes a student towards bad directions by his/her good behavior and suggestions after parents. Changing the minds of the new generation affects education which is the fundamental of every success.

Undoubtedly, the great teachers are production of political and industrial revolutions around the world. Some of them helped to establish educational institutions and to impart proper education to the students. It is the prime responsibility of a teacher to write books, articles, stories to enlarge the frontiers of his knowledge and widen his outlook. Simultaneously, a teacher should avoid confusion or misrepresenting to students and society. The education must be imparted to pupil within short period of time, in a most understandable way using effective teaching strategies. Thus, education totally depends upon the teachers that how they make it easy for the students. An educational environment and education itself is found to be creation of a teacher for directing the country towards progressiveness.

A developed society is actually a result of well qualified teachers. Priority of education is the name of developing a society and advancement of a society depends upon knowledge ability of the people and new generation since a good society is made of good individuals. Teachers are motives for building a better society who produce good leaders, businessmen, scientists, intellectuals and philosophers. A teacher is the one who changes every concept that leads to misconception. The teachers, surely, can revolutionize the way of living individually.

Ultimately, teachers are motives of every change in a society. Thus, the profession of teaching should not be taken as a job but a self-satisfaction and a social development.

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