The centuries old culture, norms and civilization of Baloch land were known for bravery, honor and cultural values that shaped their existence as a united nation. But the same norms and values failed miserably when it came towards women empowerment and gender discrimination.

  For years the chain of commands were given to men on the basis of heredity and charisma but none ever were granted to any women of any tribe or area. It’s a harsh reality that not a single woman ever ruled any tribe or area of Balochistan as compared to other civilizations where a number of queens and rulers existed in their most parts of history.

But for the last few decades, the negativity about women rights, outdated cultural norms and values have loosened their grip and numerous changes for the Baloch women have emerged in Balochistan.

There exist some many Baloch women who have the wish to expose their hidden talents, but due to so many hurdles, they don’t get the opportunities and platforms to present their art. However, things are getting changed gradually and girls are appearing on screen to let the world know about their talents.

The latest emerging Baloch talent is Majida Baloch, a God gifted artist residing in Karachi. After completing her intermediate (which is still considered enough education for women in many parts of Balochistan) she earned her diploma in “Information System Management.”

Her natural instincts and the talent were observed by her loving parents in early age when she drew a sketch on the sand. Her parents figured it out at the time that she should be appreciated and motivated towards painting. They believed she would fight the odds of her life and earn a name for herself.

After years of hard work she skilled herself and capable of painting with “Sketch pencils, color pencils, water colors, ball pens, pastel colors and charcoal.” But due to lack of proper opportunities to showcase her works she began using social media to present her works regularly. 

Painting continues to be her passion that could depict her thoughts on a piece of paper. She believes that every woman should know the worth of their existence and start giving meaningful contributions to Baloch society.

She aims to represent Baloch culture internationally through her arts and make a name for herself among the women of her era.

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