Amjid Ali

Drug trade  is a matter of great worry for the entire world. Afghanistan is the biggest drug supplier of the world whereas Pakistan, Tajikistan, Albania, Turkey, Netherlands, Iran, India, Thailand and Kyrgyzstan respectively are among the top suppliers of the list.

The trade of drugs via the route of Makran region has affected the youth from this region.

Large number of people hailing to this region has been impacted the curse of heroin and other fatal drug addiction owing to, this trade.

I recently went home in Kech district of Makran and the very next day found a man lying behind of my house. I went near him and found that he was in severe pain due to not receiving heroin.

When I inquired about his abysmal condition he told me that, without receiving heroin he was unable to walk and lied on the floor.

This is not a single case in the same village; a large number of young boys are addicted to this drug addiction as well. It is very much common in Kech district where young people are found addicted to drugs and without taking drugs cannot even walk.

The ratio of drugs addiction is higher in villages due to multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons is lack of knowledge about the possible danger of its use. These young boys are not made aware about the demerits of drugs. Besides Heroin, opium, hashish and charas Ghutka and pan parag have affected the health of young men a lot, as every third person in the region eats gutkha and pan parag which is not only damaging their health but also making them addicted more. Curbing drug trade may be a challenging task for the local authority but curbing gutkha should never be a matter of worry.

The rapid growth of drugs addiction is due to lack of awareness about its demerits to health.

It is a great responsibility of local authority and teachers to conduct seminars and lectures about its damages.

Another reason of letting young men indulge in criminal activities and drug addiction is not getting ethical teachings from their academies.

Teaching ethics is one of the main compulsory subjects in School in many developed countries however in Pakistan particularly in Balochistan students are unaware about this word.

It is the time of need that the local authority of this region understands their role and plays a key role to limiting drug trade impacting young men further.

Published in Balochistan Express

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