The BalochTech is going to organize a software exhibition in Karachi entitled ‘BalochTech Vision 2017’. The exhibition will begin in September this year.

The developers, who wish to do the entry of their startups, softwares, websites and mobile applications in the Balochtech software exhibition, can apply at

The exhibition is aimed to be a platform for IT students and professionals to show case their startups, softwares, mobile applications and websites.

To be remembered The BalochTech also organized such an exhibition in 2015 to explore and polish the talent of the young students and professionals belonging to Information Technology (IT) field.

Information Technology plays a significant role in this modern era of Science and Technology, but unfortunately the government has completely failed take any laudable step for the promotion of this sector and there exist no such forum and Platform where the young generation can get a chance to present their talent.

However, the BalochTech stepped forward to take the responsibility of providing an opportunity to those young talented students and professionals who wish to have a future in Information Technology.

Balochtech – Enriching nation with latest technology is a Worldwide Network Which Manages all Balochtech Websites, Networks and Projects.

The Balochtech team has developed Windows in Balochi version, developed Balochbook (a Facebook like application), contributed Vshgap (a chatting application that functions like whatsapp) and the BalochTech team has also come up with an online Balochi FM Radio that broadcasts programs in Balochi language.

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