By Muhnaj Ahmed

“Hi, Siraj how is your study? And   now-a-days you are looking very sad why?” Asked Sagheer to his friend.

“I am busy with my studies these days and you know that I am a student of Pre-medical, it is very tough to passed it; I am worried about it ,” said Siraj with a small tone.

“Dear Siraj, nothing is impossible if one has the will and determination. Take the example of Thomas Edison who failed hundred times to invent the light-bulb, but he did not give up working because he had the love and passion for what he was doing. If he had not had the will and determination to invent it, the earth would remain dark at night; and if we talk about the black people who were terribly discriminated by the white people in South Africa. But they realized and started fighting to get freedom from the white people because they had the will and determination. Today they are the owner of a vast and developed country namely South Africa,” explains Sagheer.

Dear Sagheer, “but I am very much weak when it comes to the lengthy subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. I have not studied before solemnly and I have cheated in every exam of mine,” said Siraj

“My bosom friend, God helps those who help themselves. In the Holy Quran Allah quotes that I unchange a nation’s luck until they change themselves. If we take the field of biology, we also find geniuses like Iwanosky, the discoverer of macroscopic virus. If he had not the will, love and determination in discovering virus, then this blue planet would have become a grave of diseases and hats off to those great personalities who found the remedy of fatal virus,” said Sagheer with the hopeful voice.

” Thanks my brother, you have opened my eyes, now I came to know that nothing is impossible if we have will and determination, After today I strive to be the best student in my class and I will work hard to get good marks in my every tests,” said Siraj gladly

After that day on, Siraj knew that nothing is impossible for the human beings and as a great personality said, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” So do what you are determined to do.

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