Quaid-i-Azum University Islamabad administration has expelled and rusticated dozens of students belonging to Baloch and Mehran Councils.

According to the sources, total  twenty six students, who were alleged to be involved in the fight that erupted between the members of Baloch and Mehran Councils last month, have been rusticated and expelled from the university.

The rusticated and expelled students were also fined twenty five to fifty thousand rupees and were not allowed to sit in the ongoing examinations.

The sources said five members of Mehran Council while two members of Baloch Council were expelled from the university and nineteen other students of both councils had been rusticated for two semesters along with heavy fines.

According to a notification issued by the University, the nominated students were found guilty during the meeting held by the University Disciplinary Committee (UDC) so they were awarded punishment for creating disturbance and anarchy in the University.

The members of both councils had a clash in Quaid-i-Azum University Islamabad last month which resulted in injuring more than thirty five students.

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