DELTA Center Turbat is famous among the people for spreading education among the students of the region and it comes under discussion most often for many different reasons. Sometimes the people sing the praises of it as its students and alumni pass Competitive Exams and secure top positions in different universities of Pakistan.

Recently it received nonstop praises on social media from a large number of people belonging to different walks of life as twelve alumni of its successfully cleared PCS written test.

However, the news took the people by surprise when DELTA administration announced to close down the educational activities of its institution due to financial crisis and non-availability of building.

The building of the institution is situated on Commissionary Road Turbat since 2003. The reason for popularity of this institution is not only teaching English language and grammar, but it attracted the young generation because it preached and worked for promotion of Balochi language, literature and culture. Teaching Balochi language, conducting cultural programs, promoting the culture of reading circle and such other activities made DELTA popular among the masses.

DELTA Center Turbat came under criticism in 2013 when former Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch’s house was attacked with a bomb at a time when National Party was busy in party’s meeting. NP at the time was busy in preparing for elections.

Right after the bomb blast, Dr Malik’s personnel guards jumped over the walls of DELTA center and harassed the teachers along with students. To be noted DELTA center building and Dr. Malik’s house share the same wall.

Dr. Malik accused DELTA administration of being involved in the attack as the bomb was thrown from DELTA center building. National Party leaders blamed that DELTA administration facilitated the ‘attackers and its building was used to attack the party workers and leaders.’

Later on director of DELTA center Barket Ismail was taken into custody for interrogation. However, he was released after being put behind the bars for one day.

DELTA administration asked NP leadership to provide them evidence of being involved in the attack. DELTA administration said they were ready to accept any sort of punishment if found guilty.

From that day on wards, DELTA administration eliminated teaching Balochi language, promoting culture and literature from its agenda and just functioned as an English Language and Grammar Academy because of which a large number of youth expressed frustration over the decision taken by DELTA.

While talking to  online media organization, “Haalhawal”, DELTA School Principal Murad Ismail said he was being threatened by the unknown men to leave Turbat city. He said some influential political leaders were constantly pressurizing him to put an end to the educational activities in the building situated besides Dr Malik’s house.

Murad Ismail said in previous month, they were openly threatened to close down the institution and they had no other option but to leave that building. DELTA center classes were shifted to DELTA school building for the time being.

According to DELTA school principal, school building does not have enough space and capacity to arrange DELTA center classes.

DELTA administration and students condemned this act and called it a conspiracy to derail education system in the region.

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