Today is Saturday, 9th_May_2020. We are at 49+ days of social isolation and in a complete lockdown. The corona virus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people and social distancing measures are drying up work and incomes. It is likely to distrupt agricultural productions and supply routes, leaving millions to worry how they will get enough to eat.

I don’t know what will kill us? Will it be a coronavirus or it will be the hunger?

Few days ago, when I walked through bazar, despair was all around. I saw alot of labourers with their spades, sitting on foothpath. Their eyes were reflecting a deep shadow of disappointment.

On the other hand, shopkeepers were sitting infront of their shops, but they were unable to open. As their business was completely ceased so they were worried too.

After a while , I stopped my car infront of a medical store to buy few medicines. There I saw a young man, with a nice personality , coming towards my car. He knocked the side window and asked for help. He asked me to grant him few rupees to buy ration for his children. My brother advised him to go and earn something. Don’t Beg. He replied , Sir! I am not a begger, but the chef of Dalaan Restaurant, which is closed now a days. So I am a daily wager, now I don’t have any other source except this.

I still remember his words “Sir bachay to maangty hen.”

Those words went deep into my heart. For a minute, like world stopped to me. I felt like there were no people, no voices, no traffic arround me. The atmosphere was clouded with despair.

Additionallty, I turned my car for going back to home. After a while I saw another helpless man, named as Faizu Chacha. He was the sweeper of my academy. He was standing on road and was asking for help too. That was another shock for me. A man, who was earning his money by his own hardwork, was compelled to beg?

We are worried about our own requirements , why don’t we care for such type of people?
Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and blessing be upon him ) said: “The upper hand is better than the lower hand”. (i.e) he who gives charity is better than him who takes it.

Inspite of knowing above Hadith, still we are that much senseless. Why?
After getting the answers of my all questions, I decided to help them by hook or by crook. And I wanted to convey my feeling and let you know about such miserable circumstances.

They are helpless, it is our responsibilty to provide them food and their basic requirements in such an intense situation because, If you show mercy to those who are on the earth, he who is in the heaven will show mercy to you.

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