With the evolution of the Baloch national history, the modern need of the Baloch society converted into the adoption of nationalism. In the present, it has become an important element the Baloch should maintain. This needs to be fostered from teenagers who are the future cadres of the nation. It has been a feature of movement for freedom and justice from time to time. As been associated with cultural revivals, it encourages pride in national achievements.

On one side, where nationalism promotes a sense of identity, unites people, and promotes pride, on the very other hand, it negates the foreign invasion on one’s land based on their national consciousness. The ultimate goal nationalism holds is bringing the entire nation on one page whenever national duty hangs on.

Apart from the higher level, student politics in Balochistan too is majorly working on the political line of Baloch nationalism. Deemed utmost necessary, students have played a key role in giving political momentum to the Baloch struggle. It is the place where students learn to become the true children of the soil, determine their future role and work on practical grounds to achieve the national ends.

In fact, thousands of Baloch political workers, including students, are caged behind the state bars for years. On one way or the other, they have been bringing national consciousness for the entire nation so that they best serve national interests. The very consciousness is the core reason they were among the enlightened ones on the Baloch soil. The same enlightenment ought to be preached through nationalism across the Baloch region, beginning with the students in particular.

The Baloch students should stand for those injustices and unlawful acts which have raised chaos among the masses. It is only possible when we wear the lense of Baloch nationalism because all these atrocities are inflicted owing to the Baloch national identity, irrespective of who is what. Baloch nationalism, I believe, teaches us to resist every act of brutality on the basis of nation.

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