Education is the process of learning and getting any sort of skills which can develop the individuals of any society in many fields. Since education can bring many changes in the set-up of any society, particularly a developing one, no nation can forgo its significance and need. On the other hand, it benefits an individual in various ways: it assists a person to take a better decision with the use of their knowledge and skills. However, for a society to develop as a whole, it needs both the genders to equally participate in gaining education, men and women.

Balochistan, known for being the home of out of school children in Pakistan, includes a large number of girls as out of school – some estimations and records call 77% girls of Balochistan as away from schools. It is becoming a grave dilemma in the province’s education system.

On the other hand, with the assistance of women, a nation can prosper sooner than one can expect. Similarly, an educated mother can understand her children easily and think better for them. Not only an educated mother, but every educated woman can have a unique way of thinking for practical development.

If women have more knowledge, they would recognize the difference between right or wrong and always suggest the persons to move on the right ways. If women would be allowed for gaining education, they will be far from ignorance by their positive thinking and the fully-provided rights of women can bring positive changes in the Baloch society. They can, as I feel, also deal with people in a considerable and commendable way – a lot better than the men in many ways.

Hence, it becomes imperative for us, the Baloch, as a nation to focus more and more on gaining education. We are not supposed to promote one gender and ignore the other, but to take both of them together for a better future. Women, if provided with timely education, can prove to be same influential – or more – as men are.

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