With passing time, my pathway matched with one of my oldest and happiest friends ever. I asked him, “Hi, where are you wandering these days?”

As usual, he seemed too much happy. Making his eyes a little bigger and changing his facial expression in excitement, he answered, “I am visiting overall the land, having wonderful conversations with the mountains and dancing with the wind that comes from all poles.” He said, adding that, “You know, everything knew me well, and was glad enough to meet me again.”

He paused before finishing as tears rolled down from his cheeks. I softly inquired, “Aaraam, you suddenly stopped and started crying. Is everything alright, my friend?”

“No. Nothing is alright. I wish everything were well. But everywhere I went, I felt like a stranger in my own land,” he said and went deep into his thoughts.

“It seemed a nightmare which time and again hurts me until now,” he narrated still lost in himself.

I knew what he meant. It is all felt by everyone living around, in fact. The only difference is, he was concerned for it and we try to oversee it.

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