Nameeran ey Banuk Karima Baloch!
In the dark nights of hunger
When the Star of cruelty rules
Your dreams shatter
Like the soul
Wandering on the sky
Your eyes complain
To the fairies of hope
Your spirit breaks
Like a mirror on the sky
Your heart cries
To the unconscious listener
Your hope splits with the dark falling nights
And you seek hope
From the hopeless sky
Your courage shatters
With the rain of cruelty
But when you re-born
You shall fight again
Against the devil
Until the last breath
Your dreams might be snatched again
But you shall still resist
Against the black nights
For the hope of freedom
For the hope of generations
Your body might be imprisoned
But your words spread
And shall sing
The poetry of freedom
The poetry of hope
(Woh subha hum hi se ayegi)
In the dark nights of cruelty
When the dawn of freedom rises
When the clouds of hope sail
Dawn shall come within
For that dawn
We take the poison of hope!
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