It was not the flood which drowned Balochistan but the politicians who are out for the count without batting an eye to the matter.

Detrimental flood in districts like Lasbella and Jhal Magsi have drowned under water, people became homeless, hundreds of people lost their lives, people suffered from starvation and now Pakistan’s PM, Shehbaz Sharif has woken up to visit the place after they have gotten completely ruined. And it is more than a shame that MPAs and politicians have set up camps and tents in different areas of the district the night before the visit of PM just to dodge him that they were trying to help the people.
Yet, the CM and the ministers have not properly visited the affected areas.
According to a piece of recent news, the flood has killed more than 150 people and washed away 6700 homes.

Though the government had a very firm prediction of torrential rain in concerned cities, it took no good preventative measures. It could have evacuated the places and saved hundreds of lives. But why do they care when they have just come to enjoy power not serve the people? Such catastrophes, disasters and hazards need prompt actions at the very happening moments. Anyhow, it is useless, however, to loud the shout by now because by the time they had to be in the places for help, they slept and it staggers that even now they have not waken up.

On the other hand, a very great appreciation for the people and social workers who are contributing for the flood-affected region at their own. They can be the only hope for the affected people. The government seems to be sleeping like a log.

No doubt, the floods are ruinous but also there are some obligations of government for the people which cannot be seen from the government in Balochistan. Such natural disasters create havoc but the governments should have immediate preventions.

Provincial Disaster Management Authority’s (PDMA) sole purpose is to get the people out of such catastrophes at that very moment. It is the failure of the department that it could not save dead people and it is the incapability of it that it could not reach when needed. PDMA must have all the facilities to be able to take prompt actions meanwhile such happenings. But the question again comes to the ministers who are behind whole of the vicious circle of corruption. And thereto, the public departments are getting worse day after the other.

A question rises that why do we, most of the times, have to face incapable and amateur ministers? There are several reasons to it, such as non-transparent elections, interference of hidden powers and one of the major issues is the requirement of education level to stand in elections: that is Bachelors (14 years of education). It clear to all in Balochistan that how BA degree is achieved. All are in the know that how much cheating is dominating in the education system of Balochistan – in fact, of whole Pakistan. And the accountability is so weak that fetching a degree is a no-tension for such people. Therefore, calling the ministers with BA degree “illiterate” will not be wrong.

As it is said “A fish rots from the head down.” Until we have sincere ministers, nothing from down level come to track. Surely, when in a democratic country aristocracy is practiced, then the top level people are not going to be compassionate but people for self-development. There will be no populist but all feudalist.

Unfortunately, Balochistan has a CM who no one knows where he is. He has suddenly vanished into thin air. And that intensely wrecking for the people. Hence, people here are suffering from intensely harsh days.

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