Adeel Bashir Baloch is a visionary artist who wants to usher in a new era of Pakistani music. He is a pop-rock singer, songwriter, producer, and main vocalist of the KOHI band. Adeel Bashir Baloch has performed in several concerts both in Pakistan and abroad. After pausing his adventure with Kohi Band, he returned with a grander idea, a more musical vision, and a record label named Crystal Records. As a result, he successfully established Pakistan’s largest show named Crystal Records Live with several well-known and prominent Pakistani singers, banjoists, and guitarists, including Balochi vocalists and banjoists.

Adeel Bashir Baloch, the lead vocalist in the Pop Rock Band KOHI, and his enthusiastic team members, Syed Adeel Ali, Sherry Khattak, Sohail Haider, Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi, and Sheraz Ali, came up with this innovative idea during Covid to start a music record label in the country because individuals desperately need such an opportunity. His primary goal was to provide a stage for up-and-coming singers to play alongside well-known musicians. His perseverance paid off, and he was successful in establishing record companies in the country, as well as the wonderful concert Crystal Record Live.

Further, Adeel , the producer of Crystal Records, believes that music is precisely listening to the tune and how the beat enters and evolves into a song. How one foot may strike the ground. Wherein one must not care about anything and just unleash everything while dancing. That is the beauty of music and it is how music should be experienced regardless of socioeconomic status.

As a result, the musicians who are chosen for the show by Crystal Record come from all walks of life such as ranging from well-known brands to rising artists from Karachi and Balochistan streets. The singers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including Siraj Ahmed Baloch, a young talent from Pasni, Balochistan and Ustaad Rasool Baksh Fareed, a man with a banjo who has won the hearts of everyone in Balochistan with his music and banjo and Urooj Fatima a very young girl from Quetta and Kakay Thousand from the very streets of Lyari are in the show. On the other hand, Mustafa Zahid, Umair jaswal , Uzair jaswal , Soch , Karakoram, Abdullah Qureshi , KOHI , yashal shahid , Natasha Baig, and the rest of the singers who have a huge fan following across the country are part of the show.

Moreover, In the Crystal records Live television-based music show features established and emerging Pakistani bands with a diverse range of musical influences ranging from contemporary rock, pop, and hip hop to traditional folk, classical, Sufi, ghazal, filmi, and bhangra music. In the post-pandemic World, witnessing the greatest singers and music live has become very afar, However, Crystal Records Live is bringing these musicians to your home to present a well-crafted mix of musical performances to audiences in Pakistan and beyond.

Thus, Without any ambiguity, music decides the fate of movies or dramas and whether they will be profitable or not. Therefore, The producers of Crystal Records Live are the people who garnered a lot of audience for the studios like Coke Studio, Nescafe, and many others. Adele Basheer Baloch is the producer of Crystal Records Live and his team includes Adeel Ali, Muhammad Ishaq Nazir, and Sohail Haider. Muhammad Ishaq Nazir and Adeel Ali have played a great role in the success of Coke Studio and others. Also, Sohail Haider is known for producing some of the most famous OSTs such as Mere Qatil Mere Dildar which was awarded the Best OST trophy in the HUM Awards.

And providing ecstasy to the music lovers Recently, “Bekhudi” by Mustafa Zahid, “Sajna” By Abdullah Qureshi and Awaz by Karakoram band have been out filling the audience’s mind with all hues and Beaus of music, filling the very cores of the heart of the music lovers and luckily more shows are on the way.

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The writer is a student of English Literature at university of Karachi and works as the Secretary General of Lyari Literary Forum LLF. She has co-authored four anthologies and can be reached at Instagram @hazaran_writes