The research ” The impact of a flipped-classroom approach on students’ learning experience” was completed by Adnan Ibrahim, which was his last semester’s thesis. He would find out the impression of a flipped-classroom approach on students’ learning experience. While a flipped classroom affects the students’ approach, the better consequences. The main concern of this research is to know the impact of a flipped-classroom approach on students’ learning experiences. It is also based on finding the relationship between a filled classroom approach and students’ learning experiences.

Nevertheless, the research emphasizes the resolution not for students; it is also beneficial for the overall education system. However, a flipped-classroom approach plays a vital role in improving the education system, including students’ development. The understanding of students; the main factor of this classroom approach of contributing relevant information. Thus, it is a glorious role in online classes.

Purposefully, this study aims to attribute the importance of classrooms to endow awareness to educators regarding this method. This ought to marginalise splendid activities in the educational process. A flipped classroom helps slow learners to value his/her self-activation and achievement. Additionally, the research explains that flipped classrooms; to build students’ confidence level, cognition level, motivational power, skills and other areas. It deliciously suggests to educators to focus on a flipped classroom approach and apply it to a modern method of teaching which is very useful for students’ performance. This research highly recommended the curriculum developers to involve this method of teaching in the context of Pakistani universities.

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