A mother is the most sensitive, caring and loving woman who can face every life challenge with strength and potential. No denying to the fact, a mother can also play the role of a father. At the time of need, I sometimes found my mother as my sister. Even though, she defends us just like a brother. At the stage of sadness and with tearful eyes, I found my mother as the most adorable and caring friend. When the hope of soul comes at the feet a mother’s inspiration, it can lead to its highest peak. Whenever I get demotivated, her consolation and encouragement stand as a pillar to my life.

A mother is someone who does everything for her children and family, but deep down she loses her own existence. I still remember when I got sick last time, she was the one to pray at every passing second: I felt as if not me but she was sick. Meanwhile, whenever she gets sick, she pretends like everything is normal. It does not mean she does not feel the pain or nothing hurts her, but the fact is her care for us is infinite but when the time comes to her, she forgets to care for herself.

In the long run of life, a mother is a woman with one body but different characters. Her every emotion for us is infinite. As to me, mother is the best teacher with a moral character and a noble position. Her words are literally blessing for me, and so as for all the other children of their mothers, because I have learned a lot from what she suggests. May Allah bless everyone’s mother.

Happy Mother’s Day

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